Saturday, April 25, 2009

Earth Day Half Marathon

Last Saturday, I went up to St. Cloud and ran a half marathon.

They had photographers stationed at various points along the half and 20 mile routes. When I read about that in the pre-race info and saw what they wanted for a single digital photograph, I went, "Pfft, whatever, I'm not paying $$$s for that; I'll arm Pete with the point & shoot instead." Now, don't get me wrong. Pete did a nice job with the point & shoot and got several good shots, including the one I'm currently using for my profile over at Facebook. But post-race, they sent out the obligatory "Photos are now available!" email, and of course I went into their site to check it out, and...Oh. I really, really, really liked this one. I look all serious and runnerly and toned and fit and strong...

So, I bought it. Because I am a sucker.

My next event (another half marathon! because not only am I a sucker; I am c.r.a.z.y., crazy!) is May 24th, and I swear, this time, I will not buy any pictures, no, no, no. No matter how made-of-awesome I look. No.
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