Sunday, April 01, 2007

Long delayed Texas pictures

Wow, it took me forever to get this online! (Sorry, Julianne.) Suffice it to say that we had a great time visiting the Texas Crew and exploring Texas. We were sad to say goodbye! (But happy to return home to Pete.)

Here are some highlights from the trip -- taken with ye olde pointe & shoote, so the quality is not great:

Gordon, TX, en route from Dallas to Abilene

The beach at North Padre Island

Winning Shamus and sea turtles at Sea World

Texas Splashdown!

Mud pies and other fun in Abilene

Outside IHOP after the farewell breakfast

We miss you guys! Come visit us soon!

Could you say "No" to a face like this?

I couldn't. So now we have another dog. Meet Bailey, a portly little 6-year-old beagle / basset cross.

Could you say "No" to a face like this?

We brought her home from the Humane Society yesterday. She likes big and little people, is getting along very nicely with Theo, and loves to cuddle. She's also taken over the furniture.

She's claimed the sofa as hers

Her former owners surrendered her to the Humane Society almost a week ago; she's had a pretty rough time of it. I think she's missing her old family something fierce. She was very well-behaved and quiet last night but didn't sleep much, if at all. This afternoon she finally relaxed enough to collapse for several hours.

All wore out

We like her lots. We hope she'll like us too. :-)

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